So on Friday is my last day at this job I have had since October 2012. My real full-time job… far from my studies or anything that I ever did, but still. I got to learn a lot of things, and I got to assert myself as well. I think I grew during those years, I became more of an adult.

While I am leaving the job to totally change career (still nothing to do with my studies), it is good that I leave it in general. When you do something that is not a passion or something that is not really fitting with your personality, it is fine for a while but it gets draining. And it is now… I am or was good at that job, but I never dug more into it. I never wanted to become excellent, to know it all, to dig deeper, to educate myself. So it is good that I change…

BUT by changing I am leaving behind my routine, my habits, my comfort zone. I am leaving what I’ve known and what has been rather easy. I am going into the unknown, changing all my habits and sacrificing some activities at least for a while. I will make less money for a year. I will be under harsher authority. I will be trained… hard.

I am also leaving customers and colleagues. Not all of them I got to become close… but some I did. And being a relational person I will miss them. And it is hard. I don’t want to abandon anyone. But I also know that some of them will abandon me… in a way. And that means that I will try to maybe make new allies in the new workplace… but also that I will face hostility, jealousy, and stupid people. I will be mostly alone in my own head with strangers… for a while and maybe for a year.

So I am sad to leave. I am sad to put everything behind. I also know that I don’t even yet realize fully all that I am leaving. I am scared about the future. I am scared of failing and of sacrificing things for nothing. I am scared of being alone and lonely. I am scared to be forgotten too. There is positive… of course. But it’s difficult to see. It’s difficult to be confident when facing the unknown. And all this makes me feel like I don’t even want to try. I want to have it all easy.

But who does? Well it happens… but I just wish that for once I would have it all easy. I wish it would just require little efforts and come fully naturally and deeply. I wish all doors would open up miraculously… that I would be favored somehow. Not just at work…

Anyways… changes are good. But scary. Leaving is good, starting a new scary. I guess only time will tell and I will know how it all unfolds.


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