There is probably a fine line between taking risks and pursuing something to the point of insanity. It is not always easy to know the difference, I think. When should we try for something and when should we just let it go?

I believe it often requires some sort of wisdom. But it also requires courage. It is not always easy to take a risk. To put yourself out there, knowing that you could get hurt. Because when there is a risk, there is some sort of danger. And the danger could be physical but also emotional.

So let’s say, you are single. And for a long time you’ve been trying to open up and find someone who would accept you for who you are, someone who would take you and love you. It’s a risk… and it is even more a risk when you keep on trying. Because it’s like starting to run over and over again, and each time tripping. After a while, you’re all beaten up… so why try again? why risk it again?

I’d say that in this situation it is good to keep on trying. Because there is nothing wrong in trying to find a person to have a special bond with, to live a life of sharing and intimacy with… and it is important to do so by being fully ourselves.

HOWEVER it might not be so wise if you don’t learn and try to improve your approach or your emotional reactions. We can always do better, and chances are that maybe you may act in a way that is too extreme or unattractive. Don’t beat yourself up about it though because we all have our own relational issues… some are natural reactions engraved in us due to our childhood. So, before you take another risk again, try to analyze what you could eventually improve. And if there is nothing… well then take that risk again. Just be wise about it.

And if you come to notice that the reason why you want to take that new risk again is not a healthy one, that your motive is twisted and coming from a void in your heart that you try to fill the wrong way… face it. And don’t take the risk. Take the chance to work on yourself. It’s not worth hitting walls every time if you don’t change the root of the problem. Like it’s not good when others get involved in all that, possibly suffering from it, all that because you chose to go after it without being considerate and wise.

It is a risk to be ourselves. It is a risk to be vulnerable. It is a risk to keep on hoping in a world that can be rather dark and sad. It is scary… because no one wants to get hurt. No one wants to have their heart or an arm broken. Certainly, jumping off a plane is not the same kind of risk. If you do have a death wish, you might not want to do it. The good motives behind that… can be pretty much anything that I won’t try to list. It is definitely different than a relational risk.

Also, you could take a partial risk. Then you gotta figure out more what you want to achieve. But if you put one toe into the water, eventually you’ll have to get all in. You cannot get fully wet if you don’t fully get into the water. You cannot get the full reward of that risk you might take if you don’t get all in. So… evaluate the risk, test it a little. And be wise when the time comes to either jump or walk away. But the sooner you know, the less damages you will encounter.

Right now, I am slowly taking a risk. But I am scared as shit. And I am going slowly, yet I feel still too fast. But I cannot seem to slow down. I am a rather all in or all out kinda girl. I am trying to talk myself out of it… but I am not sure if I’ll be able to just not take that risk. I am maybe too deep into it already. I don’t know… So for now, I am trying not to think and see how my toe feels… maybe soon enough I’ll know if I get too cold or if it is still agreeable.

So… risk or no risk?


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