I just got back from my first business trip. Well let’s say that while I was not drowned by things to do… I discovered another type of professional fatigue. I believe it might be ok for a workaholic… but for someone ordinary like me… it is draining.

When you spend your ENTIRE day talking about the job, to colleagues and customers… it’s brain killing! You got not ONE minute rest from having to be alert and thinking about what to say and how to behave professionally. What you can say, what you cannot say as you are not the manager in charge… fearing the hard questions that you cannot answer, since you do not have the knowledge to do so. Yes… all those things put together with the fact that you get up early and go bed late, eat often with everybody, and you’re not going home every night. Well yes… again I’ll say it is exhausting.

There are perks. I was in a very nice fancy room with an awesome shower. I didn’t pay for almost anything. It was good food, nice sunny Porto, beautiful city, nice people, good and fun times. So yes, all in all there were many good things about it.

Of course, you get to meet all the big bosses. And the fun part is that: 1) they never look like you imagine on the phone, 2) they are just men. Most are married, but of course that does not stop them from making comments to a young lady like me, single and socializing. Between the playboy of the business to the older guy. It’s a just good to know that all of them are human. They eat, drink… too much often. They flirt, they laugh, they make mistakes. They are not to be feared. They will not ruin my life. They will not make me feel less because they are just like me.

So yes I am tired. Yes it was a good experience. Yes I am glad I went. Yes it was exhausting. Yes it was enlightening. I learned a bit, I met many people. I got to travel and see nice places. I got taken care of for most of the expenses. I got nothing to complain about…

But when you hear about someone going on a business trip… don’t assume it’s all fun and partying and traveling. Cause heck… the brain comes back a lil fried and tired!!!!!!!!


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