I just heard a message given to our church by Vicki Simpson from Australia. It spoke of how sometimes we are in need of God, of something from Him even if we might not know what. It also said that in order to receive it, we needed to give Him space so He could give. And how to do that?

  1. By giving up something that is taking space already so that God can fill that void instead.
  2. By letting Him use something that is already there to fill a hole.
  3. By creating something new for Him to use.

With the first solution, we would need for example to give up bitterness, or a dream, or an activity that takes up our time, and so on.

The second solution could imply a church group you’re in, where He could speak to you. She used the symbol of the jars the old widow used to fill them with oil.

The third could be maybe anything… she used the arch with Noah.

Personally… it is a great message but at the same time I am not sure which number to choose. It could be anything. I could let go of bitterness for sure and of my dream to get married. I could also use my group of Christian friends, or it could be anything else I already have. And then it could be something new like my new career that could come next year. How could I know? I do need this now. I need to be filled by Him now.

Why? Because I need to feel passion, to feel whole, to feel peace. I need peace. Peace of mind and of heart. Peace of spirit.

I wish I could just snap my fingers and be there. There are too many options, too many things to change, to go after, to use. I guess He needs to guide me. But will I hear Him? Hard to say… hard to know. I guess it is so for all of us.

Anyways, for once this was not about love. And I wanted to share it… Replace the old with the new, find a space for God to fill. I hope I do.


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