Not long ago I heard this quote, which I researched again today:

“If it’s both terrifying and amazing, then you should definitely pursue it.” – Erada Svetlana

This is a very interesting quote. And I am wondering if it is true and how true it is.

What qualifies as terrifying? Doubts, hesitation, fear of changes, fear to leave your comfort zone, something seen as too hard? Is that terror? Something that makes you feel nauseous  and makes you want to just not try? Something that makes you want to run and not go for it?

Is that terrifying?

Love can be terrifying and amazing… A new job can be those things. And maybe yes we should pursue those things, mostly so we would not regret. BUT does that guarantee success? No… I don’t think that this quote implies success. Then why pursue it?

Is it because we need to be passionate to feel alive? And something terrifying and amazing would ignite some fire within us. Is it because we need to live this life we were given instead of just playing it all safe? That is true… we should not live in fear of taking a few risks. But not any risk is worth taking.

Many would live their lives foolishly, without even reflecting and pondering about the choices they have. With no wisdom of any sort… which is not good.

But it is also not right to run away because something seems too intense. Let’s say you meet someone with whom the connection is extremely intense. There are so many common points that it kinda gets terrifying. So what do you do? Some would run away, afraid of getting hurt with that same intensity… or because it means that it is “serious”.

Others might hesitate about a job. So many changes would come from going for another career. But then… not to go for it might create regrets. And then also it could prevent you from making good changes or from impacting this world. It might require a lot of work to pursue that thing… but it might be so worth it. It might bring you great satisfaction and great pride. It might fill your life with a purpose that is often lacking in one’s life.

I guess, something amazing and terrifying has to be defined. It is not something suicidal and foolishly risky. It is something bigger than who you are. It is something bigger that will impact this world. It is something that will do some good in your life. For a short while or a long while.

However, we all gotta find our heart, find our motivation, find our path and destiny. And then we will know if that thing that is oh so terrifying and amazing… is worth pursuing.

What do you think?


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