These past couple months I have had the joy to find myself in two very similar situations. Two girlfriends of guys I know got upset at me for communicating with them. I guess I can be a bit nuts in the chatting department and write a lot. And it is true that one of them I am trying my hardest to let go… but cannot manage very well. I can understand them… however this hurts and makes me mad.

Why? Because men NEVER want me. They walk away. And this one girlfriend does not realize that his guy chose her over me. And that he told me off in a nice way… but he did. So really… REALLY?! You gotta get mad at me for writing him an encouragement note for some tests he has to do? I did not write anything about feelings and such. But yeah, I get it… a girl should not do that to a boyfriend of someone else.

I guess it’s impossible to be friends with taken men. At least not real good friends… unless you are taken too. Like it’s TOTALLY impossible to be friends with the guy you are in love with. At least for me…

So yes, what I have to do… it’s to quit. To stop trying to be friends with taken men. At least to not write a lot. I gotta let go of him. And I gotta cut him loose. It’s wrong of me to try… for her, for him and for myself. He’s obviously happy with her… he’s still with her. So I am done. I am fully done. I will have to be done.

It sucks to be the stupid one over and over again. The rejected one the girls are worried about when I am the non-existent threat for any woman out there. It hurts like a bitch because it’s like stabbing me again in the open wound. But it’s partially deserved… I get it. I am not good at moving on. But I have to…

Moreover, if she read the note, it means she was at his house. I’ve never been there… she was in his bed…. so they are intimate. And to know all that… it’s enough to break my heart again. And to make it all look ridiculous. She should not be worried about me. I am nothing. I never was. To him and all the others.

Girls, before you get jealous or afraid of some girl… try to see if maybe she is just being a stupid girl like me who should not think it’s ok to still talk. A girl who is always rejected by men. Because you might just get angry for no reason and a girl might feel even more foolish for it.

Just sharing my own experience.


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