Silence is something I have a real hard time with… I read into it a lot. Not every time but often. And if I read into something, usually it’s not in a positive way.

Silence leaves the doors open to many things. Silence is like at times ending any sort of communication, saying that you don’t want to have any contact with the person. Silence is a threat. Silence is rejection. I don’t like silence.

Certainly silence could only mean “I am busy these days” or “I am focused on my tasks and cannot let myself distracted”. Silence can mean a lot of things that are not negative. Just that life is happening and no time is available to talk.

But when the heart is involved, silence is hard to take. Silence means I am not interesting, that he is focusing on others and not me. Silence means “you’re not important”. And then silence hurts. Silence is like a knife embedded in your heart.

Silence creates a paranoid mind in me… silence makes me run scenarios that are never happy. It makes me clingy, needy, scared. It makes me want to break it, end it and start talking… too much. Rambling away, expressing my worries, sounding a bit psychotic. Silence is not good.

I know silence can also be good. Silence can help a mind to think. Silence can bring clarity to someone. Silence can be a time of peace and reflection. Silence can bring a positive outcome. But it’s not easy to know that this kind of silence is actually the one that is taking place right now. Especially with a man that you love… but who has let you go for someone else. I would say, it’s a safe bet to see it as a negative thing. Silence is rarely good in that kind of situation.

So yes… right now, this silence is bad. This silence is bad news. This silence means “I don’t care” and “leave me alone”. This silence is a door shut in my face, rejection. This silence means “THE END”.


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