Those two articles have been quite encouraging. And I believe that they also work together. Let me try to explain what I appreciated in them…

I am a passionate woman, I love with all my heart. I might even care for someone with all my heart! And I know that it can seem very intense. Intense in the feeling part, in the giving part, in the talking part… I show my feelings, I express them, I act on them. And I don’t need to wait months before I do so or open up.

I believe that to most men this is scary. They go off thinking I am after their last name. But how could one know so soon? I sure can’t. So they just feel pressured, rushed, and they walk away. They all have.

However, as in the second article, I refuse to say that I am wrong for loving a lot or very much or intensely or passionately. It is how I am. It is who I am. And it comes out of a good sentiment, so why would that be wrong? Sure I can learn to tame myself a little… but I love if I love. End of story. As it is stated, that means the man will have to see it as me being courageous. And he will have to be as well in a way.

This leads to the first article. A warrior… I need a warrior. A warrior who is not scared by my intensity, who is not scared when I give my all. A warrior who sees that it is not a strategy to get him to the altar within a couple months… A warrior who will walk along with another warrior. Who sees that I might go against what most people do by loving so much, and who will have my back as I do so. A warrior that will not run away. A courageous man who will stand by my side. Who will let me be a free loving spirit while he is a free spirit himself in whatever he does.

So yes… I love “too much”, I give “too much”… I am “too much”. But it only means that a man would need to be stronger… a warrior.

And this is valid for all women out there like me! It’s never too much in my eyes! And if he can’t handle it… then he is no warrior! And you do need a strong man by your side!


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