I never really thought about this word before… but today I realize something. I like it. I really think that it’s mostly a positive  word. Or used mostly in a positive way.

Tonight I found out that I was an exception. I applied a couple months back for an academy. You can get into it through different ways. I tried one KNOWING for that one that I was too late. And I was… but then my file was given to another group of people who could get me in and they kept it. I thought for them I was not yet too old. But tonight I found out that I was or am.

So… conclusion: I am an exception. Something about my file was “exceptional” enough for them to keep me. That is a nice feeling. A very nice feeling when I have been feeling the opposite of exceptional.

And now I see that I am too old no matter how I try to get in… yet I am still in the process and quite advanced in it too. It’s quite amazing to me. I do wonder what makes me stand out, the thoughts of those selecting the files when they read mine. I just wonder…

I think being out of the ordinary, an exception… it means I am unique. And I like that. It can even mean that I am special. And I like that even better. Or maybe not more… but just the same.

So the word “exception” is pretty awesome. It means something is done for you that no others get to have. It means you stand out. You are one of a kind and for some reason you are getting a special treatment. Sure… it could be negative. But when it is positive!!!

And I want to believe that we all are at some point an exception… in a situation or for someone… and that it makes us feel precious!


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