Every day you get up. Every day you face at least one little challenge. And some days your whole day is a challenge and you cannot wait to get back to bed where you can escape life in your sleep.

Some of us can face the challenges that come without too much problems. They have a good support system, and in most areas of life they are doing well. So one or two average challenges won’t cause much problem. Certainly a little bit of stress now and then, but nothing else beyond that.

However, sometimes the challenges keep on piling. And sometimes one makes all the other ones way more difficult. So yes, sleep is your escape. And yes you have times of rest, even if they are just a couple hours within a week. But most of the time you feel overwhelmed. You don’t know how or where to start, how to tackle these challenges.

I do believe that many challenges can come from the same source. And then we have to be able to find the source in order to fix it and it all slows down. Find the leak instead of trying to pump the water out of your house. It’ll never stop if the leak does not stop. And turning off the water will not help either because you will eventually need it again, and then it’ll start all over again.

Nonetheless finding the source is not such an easy task. Either you have no clue, or you have TOO MANY possibilities. And then, well… that becomes a challenge in itself. Like we needed another one!

So what can you do? Well every day you gotta get up and fight. Every day, and even many times a day, you gotta be the warrior you are inside. You have to fight the water while trying to find the leak or while the leak is being fixed. You have to stand your ground, you have to refuse backing up. Don’t let the enemy win… don’t let him gain any ground. Don’t let him take more. Fight… and eventually it will get better. Fight alone, fight along with God, fight with your allies (family and friends)… whatever you need at that moment. Just keep on fighting. Be the warrior! Don’t ever give up… It will not kill you. Don’t let it kill you. Return every blow with another blow.

That way we will gain some ground. Get back up… we have to. I refuse to think differently.

I am a warrior.


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