It might come out as a little naive or simple when it is not just that… but there is one amazing thing you have when you believe in God and Jesus. It is the fact that you can hope for a happy ending and KNOW that you will get it because you believe in Him.

In a world like ours it is easy to see how it is all going badly, and maybe even getting worse by the year. It can be difficult to remain positive, hopeful, to believe that what you really want and can happen. I mean, even knowing about the final victory I have in Christ, I can still struggle with being positive and hopeful. So I cannot imagine how difficult it can be when you got no hope in the long term. I mean, if that is the case, what is really the purpose of this life? I couldn’t live without my happy ending in mind.

So lately, as I’ve been going through a very hard time, it seems that the one thing coming up over and over again is that I need to remember the victory awaiting me. Because it is… but I can only get it with Christ involved. Because right now, no one can truly help me, encourage me to make me overcome the my challenges. And it’s not that they don’t want to help, but more that  they cannot really. We have personal battle to fight… and our only ally is God. And thankfully He is almighty, powerful, full of love and grace… no one is bigger and stronger. He is the greatest Warrior and final Victor. And I am on His side. I just need to keep on remembering it… to turn to Him.

I have the victory with Him because no one is above Him.

But there is something else I’ve been hearing lately…. and it is that He loves me, that the desires I have come from Him, and that He will make them come to pass. Even the ones that seem to have died… That part is also a struggle because it makes me scared. If they died, it’s due to disappointments and circumstances… painful ones… And I don’t want that to happen again. My heart does not want any more hurt.

However, I want to walk into the green pastures I have awaiting me. I want to receive those promises, desires, these gifts I cannot even imagine. This victory that comes along with joy… even if the battle has been painful and leaving scars.

I will have the victory…. I already have it. I will have my happy ending, and I can even have many happy endings… I just need to walk with Him, to follow Him, to fight with Him. Easier said than done of course… but doable. It’s the only way for me… the rest has not worked. He is the only way.


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