I have more than not, traveled alone. I do go to see people oftentimes, but I am more or less in charge of what I do, where I stay, whom I see.

Traveling alone is nice… I can do as I wish without having to consider someone else’s ideas. It all belongs to my own decisions.

But traveling alone also means, as a woman, that I have to choose wisely where I go. I have to be safe. I also have no one to share adventures with, to talk to, to comment on what I am seeing, to rely on in case of need or such. I cannot exactly rest as no one has my back. I cannot make memories with someone where we have the same experiences with that other person. And the flights can get LONG!

However traveling with someone should mean I get all those things listed above. Should… because the key is here… the person you travel with! And there is a danger.

If it all goes to crap, you can be with someone who has other interests, who is bossy, whom you have to follow, for whom you have to sacrifice, who will show their unhappiness if they do something they don’t want to do, someone who might not be experienced in traveling and not always thinking in a smart way. And then, the atmosphere is hellish cause no one is happy… so you don’t share and you don’t make real memories. You are just two grumpy people not enjoying a trip!

This has happened to me. Oftentimes I will compromise for the person. But right now, for my next trip… I REALLY have a hard time considering a compromise because it would NOT be a compromise. It would simply change the entire road trip! It would mean going to a place I don’t want to go back to and not see places I have never seen. It means driving for most of the time in the desert and not seeing the Californian coast.

So now I have to deal with maybe miscommunication, but definitely with someone who is unhappy with me. It is frustrating. It taints the trip already and as it is already hard for me to be excited due to other issues, this is not helping.

So while I have to deal with the present issue, it makes me wonder if it is possible to really travel with someone and NOT have an average to bad time. I hope it is… It is when I realize I am rather independent. That is when I realize that I am right in thinking that if I find a man some day, he’d have a similar traveler or close enough.

I am glad some have good experiences… but I do worry now about trying that again. I believe only once I have had a good experience. Ages ago… so it is possible. But maybe I have to be more careful and talk more before making it definite with the person to see if we can match as a traveling team.

A trip is often a vacation. It should be enjoyed… so let’s make sure we don’t mess up a friendship where seeing each other now and then is enough… instead of trying to spend days together. My advice… communicate well first!


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