Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you don’t have any motivation about anything anymore? Where you feel like you are living a life without passion? You have no direction and even no faith in yourself anymore… you know you could achieve lots of great things, that you are worthy. But you don’t know what those things are or could be… at least you’ve lost sight of them.

During those times, I am not so sure that theories, words and such things would really help you. Reading self-help books of any sorts… maybe it could give you some good encouragements. However I don’t feel like that right now… I think my heart doesn’t want more theories and good words. My heart needs more passion. It needs to be filled with… something like a strong emotion. It needs to be driven, with faith, confidence, strength, trust…

How can one achieve that? I have no idea… I just don’t think a book will give me the key. A book talks about general things for all of us to use. And it is good… but I have to find me. I have to find who I am to become, what I am to do. Just me… not what everyone can or could do. And that’s where I am at a loss. If I lost a lot of faith in myself, if I lost sight of a vision for my life… where do I go from here?

I do think that it can come from God. But even there, I am not sure the connection is strong enough at the moment. And I am again at a loss as far as knowing how to recreate it. And then, can I trust it or should I maybe doubt what I think I hear as if it’s just coming from my imagination or wishful thinking?

Yup… I am lost in life… Once I find the key to get out of this, I will certainly share it. I hope I do… soon enough.


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