Just need to vent

Yesterday I published a blog entry on how my brain doesn’t shut off and neither does my imagination.

Well today I gotta vent. I am soooo damn sick of having my thoughts perpetually reminding me of what he is probably doing right now.

Rainy day here this Sunday. So they probably stayed in bed all day doing the freaking kamasutra!! And then tonight he probably took her to meet his parents… and they all had a great time and they all love her. His parents must be planning on how to nickname their grandkids…. and then they go back to his place to fuck some more.

Of course he smiles at her all the time. He cannot take his hand off his waist or the small of her back. He must kiss her all the time. Make love to get and watch her in awe. Plan their future in his head. His friends probably love her too… and soon he’ll meet her parents.
She is his price. His girl…. His hot chick. His wet vagina. Yes I’m crude. Yes I’m dramatic. Yes I’m jealous.

She got all I wanted. All that he refused to give me. Why!? Maybe cause I was not worth it to him. Or because of anything else. Who knows… but it’s lame.

We had a lot in common. I believe we would have been added to each other’s lives… smoothly. As in fitting right in and not getting in the way. As in two paths meeting and going the same direction in the same landscape.

Yeah I know what you’re thinking. Move on already. He’s gone… He never cared. So shut up and move on. Well I’m trying. But this weekend my thoughts won. And you can stop reading me if I frustrate you.  I needed this blog to let my thoughts out and I did….

I wish tomorrow can be different….


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