Sometimes you look around, and you realize that there are people who love you and care for you. It can be just within your family… or it can even be at work, at the gym, in your church, anywhere.

There will always be someone who will see how unique and special you are. And even if it is just one, or even if they might not know ALL of you… you gotta hold on to that. Because they do care. And I believe that you gotta open your eyes and see who those people are. Some are genuine. Some are sincere. Some will appreciate you, with the ugly and with the good.

Hold on to those people. Don’t let them go. And listen to what they say about you. They will encourage you. They will cheer you up and support you. They will tell you how they see you when you need it, and that will help you. Just hold on to them. They are precious. And you will feel precious to them.

They might not fix your heart… they might not save you from your negative thoughts. But they will help. They will remind you that you are loved and cared for. They will remind you that if one person rejects you, others see plenty of wonderful things in you. That one person does not define your worth. So hold on to what they say…

Just hold on to those who see you for the wonderful person you are.


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