I have this weird thing about squirrel. Since a young age, I’ve always liked them. I find them just cute. I even once bought myself a stuffed squirrel that I must still have in a box somewhere. They just are cute, agile, joyful in a way, elegant, acrobatic. I just enjoy them.

This led me to see them as a blessing or something to be thankful about because they bring a smile to my face. If I encourage people to be grateful for the smaller things, I will always exemplify this with the squirrel encounter. You see a squirrel… you are grateful for it. It makes me smile and thus my day is happier.

Anyways… this morning as I was driving to work, I saw a squirrel cross the road. And I smiled. And I saw God in this, I saw His blessing and His covering of me. I saw it as Him reminding me He’s there and keeping His promises. I haven’t seen a squirrel in a long time… but today I did. Today, on a day that is not bad but part of a difficult season of heartbreak, doubts, fears… I saw a squirrel.

So it made that day start well. It made me hope again, when all I want is to at times fight against any kind of hope for anything in order to never be disappointed again. It’s still hard if I think about the situation… about the heartbreak that I cannot seem to fully accept. But I saw a squirrel… I saw God. And it made me happy. I feel like it was just for me. A sign for me to see… and for a minute I was special. God was talking straight to me.

So my day started well because I saw a squirrel.


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