An attempt at writing and sharing

Hello there,

So this is new… a blog. I figured why not… after all I do write a lot in general. However I cannot write in a diary because well… there is no one to read me.

Does it mean I am self-absorbed? That I think I got many great things to share… I don’t know. But what I believe is that what I go through, others go through as well. I am not alone. I am not an exception… And so, this is an attempt at maybe showing others that they are not alone.

I’d rather you were a stranger reading me… because my desire is to be 100% honest and bold. No hiding who I am… my flaws, my doubts, my fears, my aches…

But first, my name is Stephanie. I live in Switzerland. Today I am 33 years-old, the age Christ was when He died. My hobbies are crossfit, shooting, yoga, reading and writing. I am part of a church here, C3 Lausanne. I write blog entries for my crossfit gym and also for a friend who teaches yoga. I will probably share some of them here, even though they are usually made to be adapted to the themes of those websites.

So what can you expect here?

  • blogs about love or the lack of it actually
  • blogs about my faith and the struggles/questions
  • blogs about health and my experience
  • blogs about the joys of life
  • blogs about my hobbies
  • blogs about my random thoughts on pretty much anything

So brace yourself for a big slap of honesty that will probably not always make me look good… but writing it to myself is not making me move forward. Praying about it either. Talking with friends can help but they are getting sick of it I am sure… so here it is. To you, bunch of strangers and maybe a few people I let in on this new secret… Enjoy and comment. Respond, give me your insight, your input… I am all ears as I am sure I can learn from anyone!



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